Collection: Fish

Seaside inspired mugs, dishes, vases and jugs

When I was 12 years old, my dad took me on holiday to Kenya, he was brought up there and until just after I was born his parents had a house near Mombasa on Diani Beach. My mother just died, and I think that he just needed to go home for a bit, so he took me and my sister, and to a paradise.

We spent three weeks of our trip in a little rustic bamboo hut right on the white sand. We spent our days snorkelling in the Indian Ocean and I spent my evenings drawing what I had seen. This was the start of my lifelong passion for drawing fish.

My A level teacher gave us a 6 month project that was entirely fish-based, and when I did my masters degree in textile design I choose to dedicate a portion of it to learning about Fish, the way they swim and their anatomies. So spending hours studying them in aquariums, fish mongers and the ocean as well as the library is what gave me the solid base for this fish design.